Decision making got a whole lot more difficult in the wake of the pandemic, didn’t it? From the most basic choices, like where to shop for groceries or who to visit in-person; to the most complex business decisions, like what to do about employee safety or how to ensure business continuity — suddenly there were more questions to ask, more at stake, and more ways to fail.

Outsourcing your contact center might be one of those decisions. Whether you’re thinking of outsourcing for the first time or on the quest for a new outsourced partner, you might be wondering if…

For all the grief, losses, and setbacks the pandemic unleashed, there is a general consensus that it also sparked a revolution on the technical front. The adoption rate of new and evolving technologies accelerated at unseen speeds — resulting in 10 years’ worth of change within a mere 10 months. Contact center technologies are certainly in the mix of acceleration. In fact, many recent developments promise to reshape the landscape of customer service completely.

The most recent publication from Ryan Strategic Advisory surveyed contact center leaders about the state of the industry. We dug into their sentiments and expectations about…

For many organizations, in-house customer care feels like the right choice. It keeps you close to your customers and ready to serve them with your exhaustive knowledge of your products or services. But doing it all in-house also comes with its challenges. The newest publication from the Ryan Strategic Advisory reports on these challenges, which we explore below. We also took a look at how outsourcing your customer care to the right contact center partner may enable your organization to circumvent these obstacles without sacrificing commitment to your customers.

TLDR? If you’re ready to skip the challenges of an in-house…

As we slowly emerge into recovery, the post-pandemic world looks very different and we’re seeing it with new eyes. Our social lives have shifted, our work environments have changed, and how we spend our money is also quite different. Today we look at how this last consideration applies to the way companies are investing in customer care.

We took a deep look at recent data published by Ryan Strategic Advisory, surveying more than 600 contact center decision-makers. Read on to discover our perspective and insights.

What’s the Outlook for Contact Center Budgets?

From consumers to small businesses to enterprise organizations, there’s no denying that wallets were squeezed…

Brand loyalty is a reflection of a customer’s commitment to a relationship with a given retailer or service provider. But, of course, the pandemic changed everything about all our relationships. We quickly got used to holding everything and everyone at arm’s length — and for many customers, that included the brands they had once been loyal to.

Read on to discover the three principles of brand loyalty after COVID-19 shifted our buying behaviors (and one interesting exception to the rule.)

Convenience: First Among Equals

In food and beverage alone, online sales in 2020 saw a 125% increase over the previous year. Across all sectors…

A couple of years ago, we explored the state of omnichannel customer care, recognizing the fact that consumers have more channel options available to them than ever before. We also, as an industry, have exponentially more data and insight about consumer behaviors around these channels. When we wrote that article, we could not have ever predicted a global pandemic and the resulting change in consumer behaviors that pushed omnichannel into the spotlight.

With more than a year of pandemic impacts under our belts, let’s dig into the far-reaching impacts of COVID-19 on omnichannel customer care.

Channel Focus

A pre-COVID Microsoft report established…

What do mattress sales, wildlife populations, and peak customer service times all have in common?

These seemingly random data points have all been impacted by COVID-19. Mattress sales have skyrocketed thanks to people spending more time at home — and discovering new sleep challenges as a result of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, wild animals are appearing during daylight hours while also thriving in number due to less commuter traffic and tourism — an impact scientists have dubbed the “anthropause.”

And, finally, remote work and evolving sleep habits have shifted traditional contact center communication spikes from pre/post-work hours to the middle of…

In this article, we share a first-person experience from our Vice President, Client Services, Susan Preiss. She explores the tale of two customer experience scenarios, comparing online versus in-person customer experiences in the quest to buy a new car. The takeaways for the world of customer care are tangible and actionable. Read on!

Vehicle Shopping: A Family Affair

Last weekend, my youngest son took the big step of buying his first vehicle. These types of purchases tend to be a family affair for us. Each of us has expertise in different parts of the process — from finance to autobody to mechanics. …

After a year flirting with the ever-present “pause” button, we’re seeing many more businesses hit the gas on their customer care program — in particular, seeking out the right outsourced partner. Sound like a familiar scenario? If so, the RFP is about to become the friend you love to hate. It’s a necessity — but it doesn’t have to be a headache.

The 10 most important contact center RFP questions haven’t changed. In fact, you’ll find below an infographic we put together in recent years to serve as a handy guide for crafting your own RFP.

However, the pandemic has changed us all. We’ve added 10 bonus pandemic RFP questions in an accompanying infographic below.

When the world hit the pause button in the face of COVID-19, putting our client’s customer care programs on hold wasn’t an option. Days before lockdown became mandatory in the regions where we operate, we were in full swing making the move to a 95% work-at-home model for our entire business. Our mission was clear and concise: stay operational and deliver on our KPIs while keeping our people safe. The key, of course, was that everything, including agent training, had to pivot to a virtual environment.

Before the pandemic, we at Blue Ocean had conducted less than 10% of our…

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